Monday, August 25, 2014

Styletag x Parsons Challenge Winners Announced!

I had been in New York for barely a month in January when I heard about the Styletag x Parsons Challenge in school. Styletag is a fashion-sharing app that "brings together expert curated and crowd-sourced photos of fashion trends and designer styles." To celebrate Fashion Week, the company challenged students from Parsons to capture original photos of trends not from the runway, but on the street. More about the contest details here.

In May, Styletag announced the winners, and I was thrilled to win first prize for the Womenswear category. The below image with accompanying text is just one of dozens that I uploaded for the contest.
Blue Calm. Having just flown in from Japan, Yoshi looks so serene in her deep blue
oversized coat. She wears a sweater from Zara and a pinstripe newsboy cap from the Gap.

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