Monday, September 9, 2013

No, You Don't Look Fat in That!!! Women's Health September 2013 Fashion Editorial

It's a funny title, but at least once in a woman's life, she longs to hear those words. One of my favorite projects to work on are fashion editorials that cater to "real women" (i.e. not skinny models; people who have non-fashion 9-5 jobs that require a dress code) because after all, fashion should still make sense in daily life, right? This editorial  is meant to bust the myths associated with clothes that supposedly make one look bigger, such as:

1) Shapeless dresses
If you have a straight body, chances are you'll look like a) a stick or b) a blob in a solid-colored colored straight-cut dress. What to do? Choose one that has a fun print like this one. The chevron print elongates the body and moves the eye to where the dress hugs the wearer's curves, aided by the stretchy material.

2) Horizontal stripes and white (!!!) skinny (!!!) jeans
So many no-nos for curvy women in this one, but stripes and white are two timeless pieces that are just too good to ban from your closet forever. With the right proportion and fit, you'll look "curvilicious" rather than the "big blob" you so fear.

Work horizontal stripes by choosing a top that fits well over your body. Great structure and panels -- rather than a shapeless shirt -- is a must. This top is perfect because the center piece is made up of horizontal stripes but the side panels place the print diagonally, which slims your torso down a lot.

White skinny jeans as long as they fit well, not too snug, will look great. If you're still feeling a bit conscious about white bottoms, choose a top that covers your hips. This one emphasizes and flares out from the waist.


3) Print-on-print
Choose a print size that's proportionate to your body. Petite frames would be washed out completely by a large print. Here, we chose a dainty nautical stripe to offset a large camouflage print. The well-fitted top and shorts keep the slouchy sweater from overwhelming the body and shows off curves.

Commercial break: Work prints on your head too! Sidney here with an urban turban, styled by make-up artist Claire Seelin-Diokno. You can also spot photobombers Nicolai Hansen from The Dutch Connection and half of Claire's other half, hairstylist Ricky Diokno.

4) Crop tops
Believe me, there's NO requirement for abs to wear a crop top. Maybe... and this is a personal thought... just make sure your tummy is still smaller than your chest? ;p Our model Tricia has a real woman's body. We made her look slimmer with a crop top that has
   - a scoop neck
   - a proportionate print

We also made sure that only a sliver of skin was revealed. A high-waisted skirt in a stiff woven fabric provides enough coverage and structure over your tummy and hips.

5) Hot pants
We chose shorts whose print kept the eye moving. The black side panels help slim down the hips and elongate the body. A tight-fitting top shows off your curves, while sheer sleeves add the bonus of sexy coverage. With the cold rainy weather, don't be afraid to layer with a chunky knit; just make sure to keep the rest of the outfit lean, say, with leggings, slim jeans, or fitted shorts like this one.

Sidenote of the last photo: I put two photos side by side as an example of how things can still change in the middle of the shoot. Despite your planning and collaboration with the different team members (editor/producer, photographer, hair and make-up), sometimes a change is needed to produce a better photo. We started off with a half-pony on the left photo with the big bulky sweater sleeves covering Tricia's body. After we released her hair and made adjustments with the sweater, she looked so much fresher and lighter! Do you agree?

So, are you excited? Bust out those pieces you thought you'd never wear because you're worried about looking "fat" in them. Don't underestimate the power of the best accessories -- a great posture, confidence, and a winning smile.


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