Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dressing Kris Bernal for Contract Signing with Avon

If it's anything I noticed the past few weeks -- and I can be pretty dense when it comes to what I see on TV -- Avon ads have been popping up here and there on primetime TV. So when Sidney told us we'll be styling the very pretty Kris Bernal for her official contract signing with Avon, I was thrilled we'd be part of the activities of a global brand, albeit being behind the scenes!

Speaking of behind the scenes...
We get up to all kinds of antics to bide the time while hair and make-up is being done. Like, coercing Mike experimenting with looks and pushing style boundaries. We liked Mike's bird-print shirt so much, we decided to embellish it with an embellished choker ;p

The complete team, L-R: Sidney (with his back facing us), Katie, me, Mike, and the steamer. Hehe. One of us human assistants could be missing but no shoot would be complete without the steamer!

I went for print-on-print today with a striped shirt, aztec jacquard skirt, and a snakeskin cuff (not visible). In an hour or so on the make-up chair, Kris' complete look is done! I capture the moment with a frame-within-a-frame, something I remember from the basic photography class I took eons ago.

We're all so happy and excited with Kris' look! She is very pleased as well with her classy make-up done by Ria Aquino (at leftmost) and Maureen Disini dress, which fits like a glove!

Although we had an option for Kris to be in Avon pink, we thought white was just so classy and still communicated the strong, fresh, fearless female that embodies the Avon woman. Sidney accessorized the look with restraint, with only an encrusted necklace and a thin diamond cuff.

What do you think of Kris' look? :)


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...i love style, make up, dress( style & color) .kris is indeed very pretty.thank you Avon for choosing her as your newest endorser.good choice..


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