Saturday, August 10, 2013

Aeropostale Comes To Manila! Aeropostale Fashion Show

This post is long overdue as Aeropostale launched in Manila with its fashion show at the Glorietta Activity Center last June 19 -- eep, that's two months ago! The vibe was fun, colorful, fresh, and YOUNG. See all these energetic youths sashaying down the runway? It's a combination of professional models as well as student ambassadors the brand handpicked from different universities.

The last time I stepped into an Aeropostale store was around five years ago at an outlet mall in the US. I didn't think it fit my personal style, but as our team was picking outfits for the models on the first day, I was amazed and impressed at how far the brand had come. From its basic offering of logo and striped tees, Aeropostale has now expanded to more fashion items such as sundresses, florals, and colored denim. Who knew Hawaiian print could look this cool??

Before the show starts, event director Robbie Carmona gives the models last-minute reminders and a pep talk.

With their braids in place and perfect-for-school outfits, these ladies are ready!

Aeropostale is a very relaxed, casual brand. Yes, there are still print-on-print outfits, but it's not over-the-top like other brands would do it. The brand is very faithful to the laid-back, throw-my-clothes-on type of person. It brings me back to my frenetic college days when my friends and I would stay up all night studying or finishing projects -- with outfits like these, I wouldn't have worried what I'd look like the day after ;p

The models were encouraged to dance around, hop, skip, blow kisses, give each other high-fives, interact with the crowd, and just have fun!

My favorite part of the show was at the end when all the models sat down on the floor and listened to local bands Never The Strangers, She's Only 16, and Up Dharma Down, as if in a music festival. So cool. I officially relived college in one night, save for the cramming and horrible oral tests. Haha!

What do you like about Aeropostale? ;)

Aeropostale's flagship store is at the ground floor of Glorietta 2.

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