Sunday, June 23, 2013

One Last Hurrah for the Crop Top... (Summer, Please Don't Leave)

This is a close-up look of what I wore to ASAP today... Do you see what I see? ;)

Yes, you got it right. That sliver of skin you saw above? I got bitten by the crop top bug that's been going around this season.

Images from Forever21

I know I was better off baring my midsection a few weeks ago, right after my trip to Bali (all that frisbee and swimming quickly made a difference*) but I wanted to wear one before the rainy season thunders by in full force. I'd look really silly half-naked in the middle of typhoon season, wouldn't I? ;p Thankfully, it was bright and sunny today.

Because this was my first time to wear something that bared my midriff, I covered up with a slouchy kimono to make myself appear... ehem, more conservative. Oh, the pretense! ;p Well, I also needed a cover-up for the freezing temperature in the studio.

It's funny -- a few months ago, I would *never* even think about putting on a crop top. I guess Sidney succeeded in brainwashing me to be more daring in the way I dress. And since I've been more mindful of doing my crunches lately, one day I just asked to borrow his crop top. Now here we are!

What about you? What do you think you'd NEVER wear? ;p

Crop top and printed kimono, both from H&M. High-waisted trousers from Mango. Sandals from Melissa. Bag, Balenciaga. Watch from Valentino. Bracelets, from Forever21 and Landmark.

* What can I say, I'm an ectomorph! Quick to gain and quick to lose muscle and fat ;p

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