Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Busog ka pa tiyan? Mag-Buscopan! with Michael V (Also the Launch of My TV Modeling Career)

It's not everyday that I get to meet one of TV's most hilarious people. Not only that, one of TV's wittiest, most intelligent.

A few months ago, Sidney and I had the privilege of working with Michael V for his endorsement of Buscopan, which relieves stomach cramps.

Michael V had us all in stitches whenever he wasn't in the middle of an intellectual discussion on comedic methods.

Watching him pose and act was like watching a caricature in real life. I was really in awe of his energy and range of physical comedy.

Michael V is a professional through and through. He breezed through his lines easily and made us laugh every. Single. Time. We had so much fun during the print and TV shoots, that I didn't notice it was time to pack up and leave.

But wait. The shoot wasn't quite finished yet... which brings us to my modeling career.

The context is, the client came out with a new blister pack and needed to update the ad material with the packaging. Right after Michael V's taping, the agency peeps quickly looked around the studio, grabbing female hands and peering into them. I was in the corner minding my own business when someone took my hands* and said, "Okay, you're it." Huh?!

Before I knew it, my arm was on a stand and someone was telling me what to do.

It took me twenty-three(!!!) takes for me to:
- show the blister pack right side up with the brand name, all the while covering the hole where the pill's going to fall out
- turn the blister pack upside down in a clean, seamless motion
- slide my index finger gracefully to allow the pill to fall
- aim properly so the pill would land right smack in the middle of my palm
- position my right palm upright -- enough so my forepalm (if there is such a word; you know, the part where your thumb is attached) will not block the view of the pill, but not too upright that the pill will roll down to my elbow, which happened many times

I have to admit, I was getting really stressed with all these people making sure everything went well and frustrated when my hand and shoulder started cramping up.

But after we got the perfect take and Sid told me, "Hey, you were just in a TV commercial with Michael V," I realized, Oh yeah. I was. Boy, am I glad I cut my nails this morning!**

L-R: Me, Michael V, Sidney Yap

Now who could say that about a day's work? ;p Granted, it's not my face that's on TV but my hands, which I expected even less***. Ah, our God is really full of surprises, isn't He? ;)

Have a blessed week, everyone!

* Funny back story: I was rushing to work that morning when I surreptitiously glanced at my nails and thought they'd need to be cut. Ordinarily, given the state of rush I was in, I would have ignored my gut feel and thought to do it when I got home that evening**. Now who knew that a few hours later, my hands would be inspected and taped close-up on camera? Not me, that's for sure!
** Moral of the story: Always trust your gut.
*** I've always, always said that I could never be a hand model because of my veiny hands and knobby fingers. I guess today, God really showed me nothing is impossible.

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