Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Happy Wrong Turn -- 555 Tuna Outdoor Ads Starring Robin Padilla and Cristine Reyes

I made a wrong turn the other day.

From Tomas Morato area, I was supposed to head to SM North EDSA. It's a scientific fact that ladies are not as good as men when it comes to mapping directions in one's head, and although there are exceptionally good women drivers and navigators, I am not one of them. I need to use Google Maps everyday even to places where I've been before! Haha. So anyway, I thought I'd be able to make a U-turn on EDSA following a right turn from Kamuning. Nuh-uhhhh. I followed the traffic flow all the way to Cubao and made the nearest U-turn at Aurora Boulevard.

Did I get upset by my ineptness that led to the detour? Yes. For a little while. Until I saw this...

Sidney and I had styled Robin Padilla for the TV and print shoots earlier this year and we've been waiting to see the final product. I was able to watch the TV commercial last month but haven't seen other media just yet. And here it was, right in front of me! The closer I got to the billboard, the more thankful I was that I had made the wrong turn.

Thank you, God, for the slow-moving traffic so I can take photos while driving safely! Hihi! Too bad my view of the billboard was marred by electrical wiring.

I was already happy with my above capture for the day, when I spotted this bus very far away. I caught up to it and started snapping too. Two outdoor formats in one day -- billboard and bus. I was so happy!

As I drove away, having captured my photos, I remember that God works ALL things together for the good of those who love Him! ...even in seemingly trivial things such as wrong turns ...despite and because of my limitations to understand roads.

How about you? Have you had "mistakes" that turned out to be blessings instead? ;)

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