Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stradivarius S/S'13 Fashion Show

The fast pace, the adrenaline, the need to dress all fifteen models (with 3 changes each!) and have their hair, make-up, clothes, accessories, complete look ready all by a certain time -- is just crazy. But then when all the dust has settled and I watch the fashion show, I feel a different kind of high, a type that takes around three to four hours to wear off on me. (I suppose it's because I'm an introvert so being with so much people and energy elevates my stress levels higher than it would others.)

I didn't realize how long I kept my stomach in until I let a breath out during the models' third look on their final walk ;)

Last April 10, it was a joy to witness and assist Sidney in successfully planning and dressing forty-five looks plus others -- the host and the DJs -- for a Spanish-gone-global brand that has newly arrived on Philippine shores -- Stradivarius. I've been salivating over the brand when I travel abroad, and I'm glad it's finally here! Best of all, we get to work directly with the brand. What a privilege!

The Stradivarius Spring Summer 2013 collection centered on free-spirited gypsies and moving caravans, made alive with travel trunks and distressed planks for the event's entrance.

Vibrant refreshment tents are a welcome sight, simulating a luxurious oasis in the midst of unbearable desert heat.

Aaaand to keep in step with the desert chic theme, here's my outfit: a thrifted crochet sweater, black ruffled shorts from Forever21, and black-and-gold flats from Kate Spade. I was thrilled when several people asked me where my top came from, and if I got it from the store. Hihi. I cherish my thrifted finds! Especially when they become on-trend like this top here.

If you're not the type to go to ukay-ukay, don't worry. You can score similar crocheted items along with tribal prints in the Stradivarius store located in Glorietta 2.

The event was hosted by ETC HQ's lively Julia Sniegowski, who rocked a colorful tribal skirt and distressed denim vest, topped with colorful accessories.

Model/DJ duo Ornussa Cadness and Sanya Smith from The Zombettes provided jet-setting sounds in their matching safari staples.

They look so much better in the pulsing glow of lights, don't you agree? Kind of like under a moonlit evening sky.

I rushed out from backstage after the three outfit changes to catch a glimpse of the final walk. Yay! Now, let's get some food!

After the event, I got to meet up and chat with my former colleagues from Stores Specialists, Inc., which brought Stradivarius to the Philippines. Love it!!!

Just like the old days. L-R: Me, Kimi, Sunday, Andie, Jugs
Whew. Writing about this got me all excited again. Hope you're having a beautiful week so far!

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