Friday, May 17, 2013

Preparations for Stradivarius Fashion Show -- Individual Looks

Because I don't have photos of individual outfits from the Stradivarius fashion show I wrote about in my last post, I'll show some of the looks here.

This is what I wore on the day we prepared the 45+ looks needed for the show.

To get into the mood of our projects, I try as much as possible to dress according to the occasion and theme. I wanted to get into the desert chic groove with a sleeveless crochet top, olive green pants, lightweight feathered earrings, snakeskin cuff, and olive ballet flats. I even wore my hair in a side braid, which took me thirty minutes to do on my own -- a herculean effort for someone who forgets to comb her hair ;p

With the show divided into three sets of fifteen models/looks each, Sidney started the first collection with a neutral palette of light-washed denim and sandy hues. He picked a few outfits for me to try on to see whether they'd work when worn.

He usually asks me to be his fit model because I'm naturally skinny. After decades of trying to put on weight to no success, I finally found a use for my metabolism. Praise God! ;p

Being a model is hard work. Despite several people asking me why don't I try modeling, I personally enjoy being the person who dresses models instead of being one myself.

A distressing side to modeling is that it feeds my desire for clothes. All the looks were so cute! While putting them on, I think, this is not me, but ohhhh, it could be me! Do I get the slouchy denim jacket above, or a usual one like the one below?

Or maybe a bomber jacket in nude? They'd all make great staples in my closet!

Decisions, decisions... Fortunately, the last two collections needed no modeling on their part. Whew!

Which one from the above was your favorite? :) I really like the washed-out slouchy jacket paired with the washed-out skinny jeans!


  1. nice outfits! I really like the second look - crochet top and denim skirt!

    1. Thank you! Looks were styled by Sidney Yap ;)


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