Saturday, May 4, 2013

555 Tuna TV Commercial Starring Robin Padilla and Cristine Reyes

One of the more exciting moments in a stylist's life is when the ad we worked on finally comes out! Often, being busy with work is a blessing because we don't feel the long wait before we see the final product after all the edits, client approvals, ad permits, etc. I squealed when I saw this TV ad with my family during one night we were watching the evening news.

Rachelle Que and I teamed up to assist Sidney in styling Robin Padilla for his endorsement of 555 Tuna with Cristine Reyes, who was styled by Em Millan. The costume requirement for Robin was a rugged vest, which we cut up from a long-sleeved cotton twill shirt, and worn-in jeans.

Do you see the storm clouds??

As with TV commercial tapings, we had an early call time and as Rach and I drove to Alabang, we kept on wondering, "Are we seriously pushing through with taping today???" Don't get me wrong -- I wasn't complaining, as I've been on outdoor sets in worse conditions (Typhoon Ofel last October), but bad weather does cause major delays for production and we wanted to be 100% sure we weren't traveling at that early hour just for the whole thing to be called off. It had been raining on and off since the day prior, and the bosses almost did. Thankfully, God cleared the skies a few hours after we arrived, when everything was all set up.

While waiting for things to get going, Rach and I played with the sleeves we had cut off from Robin's shirt. I wore it as a bandanna...

And Rach as a headband. I think it looks so cute on her!

It was my first time to be on an ad taping outside a studio, and it's amazing to watch the finished product and compare it with the backstage view we have on set, starting with the model unit that the agency painted post-production to make it look like a duplex. You'll see the complete transformation in the ad later :)

The side we see has been filled with girly things such as a birdcage, garden furniture ideal for tea-time, flower shrubs, and even flower pots on the windowsill. Take note, there are real birds inside the cage!

I'm amazed by the level of detail that goes into production design. Sometimes, I have difficulty keeping track of a dozen outfits, but seeing all these props, I can only begin to imagine -- aside from being creative -- how organized and analytical one would have to be in creating, managing, and packing up a set like this.

If we have a girly-girl floral set for Cristine's character, then it must be offset by a masculine counterpart. On Robin's duplex, we have gardening tools...

And a truck that's been through mud and worse.

This is the special effects team ;)

 And finally, all the above elements magically come together in the ad below:

Ad Credits:
Agency: PC&V Communications
Client: Century Canning Corporation
Directed by: Joel Limchoc

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