Friday, March 15, 2013

Pia Guanio and Baby Scarlet on Smart Parenting March 2013 Cover!

Another cover Sidney styled this month is Smart Parenting, featuring the lovely Pia Guanio and her adorable daughter Scarlet. The pair was such a breeze to work with and the shoot went by so quickly, I barely had time to take a breath.

As a stylist, it's my job to get everyone dressed on time, in the right order (when there's more than one person in the frame and only one dressing room), to minimize delays to the shoot, which may include making the talents comfortable and at ease. One thing I picked up from styling is that there's no time for fear. Had I all the time in the world to make SWOT analyses, I probably wouldn't have the courage to hold a baby, much less change her clothes. I've always been afraid to hold babies during shoots in case I made them cry -- another reason to blame me for cause of delay! Eeek.

On the day of the Smart Parenting shoot, I had no choice but to take charge because Sidney was coming from another project and Rachel, who loves babies more than I do and would've enjoooooyed this shoot, was somewhere else. God gave me the presence of mind to simply pick up an outfit, approach Scarlet and her nanny, and change the former quickly for each lay-out. (Where did my baby-changing skill and baby language suddenly come from? By God's grace alone!) Thankfully, Scarlet was so easy to take care of the whole time and looked so adorable in Gingersnaps clothing that it was hard to be afraid of her.

Photo shoots like these remind me all the more that God is faithful in sustaining me and surprising me with what I can do... only through Him who gives me strength! (Philippians 4:13)

Photo credits:
Photographer Paulo Pineda
Make-up by Krist Bansuelo
Styled by Sidney Yap, assisted by Jill Lao and Rachel Felicia

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