Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Feature in Chalk March 2013 Issue

Who would have ever thought I'd be featured in a magazine? And a magazine for the youth to boot, in particular, college students*! It's been awhile since I graduated from university, but as I pored over the March issue of Chalk magazine, it reminded me of how much I didn't know back then and what I'd give for advice like this. Well, I admit there's still a LOT I still don't know ;p But that's beside the point.

Featuring Maja Salvador on the cover, this month's Chalk provides an inside look at dream jobs, careers, and the "real world" -- all practical issues that college students and graduates must think about ever so often.

One such article, Support System, features publishing professionals as mentors and their mentees (if there is such a word). Chalk lifestyle editor Toff de Venecia invited mentor-student pairs, which include photographer Gabby Cantero and her apprentice Koji Arboleda,

...fashion designer Veejay Floresca and intern Bryan Peralta...

...editor Leloy Claudio and his assistant Job de Leon...

...and fashion stylist Sidney Yap with me as his assistant.

Before I started full-time styling under Sidney, I wondered where God would lead me. I worried a lot, not knowing what I would do next. I had just abandoned my 5-year plan midway because God spoke to me through Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." God's command: be courageous. His promise: He will be with me wherever I go, wherever He leads... and I know He won't lead me into harm or danger! So with the blessing of my parents, my manager, and my uncles, I took the leap and left my very comfortable, convenient, safe bubble and waited.

Before I knew it, three friends from separate circles referred me to Sidney, and I contacted him persistently. God's timing was perfect; although I was getting impatient waiting for my next career shift to begin, I was hired not a day too late nor a day too soon. Had I begun with Sidney immediately after my previous job, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to rest -- physically, mentally, spiritually -- as I spent my unemployed days just reading the bible and absorbing His truths. God used this time to recharge me and refocus my prayer from "What should I do? Where should I go?" to "God, what do you want me to do? Where do you want me to be?"

I know without a doubt that God placed me here as Sidney's assistant and not someone else's for a reason. In the eight months I've worked with him, I've been so blessed by the time and effort he's given to train me and his other assistants, not just in terms of style, taste, and fashion terminology, but also in professionalism, work ethic, and treating people with kindness and respect.

One day, not too long ago, it just hit me that Sid and I had just spent the last 18 hours together. In our line of work, it's not uncommon to start our day at 7 am and end it around 9 pm when the mall closes. Sometimes, our day extends when we have late dinner upon finishing work or wind down with a movie. It's such an amazing relief, because there aren't a lot of people I can spend that much time with and not get irritated or frustrated with, and I'm sure my loved ones can say the same about me! I can truly say that God blesses those who obey Him, and I'm blessed everyday to be working with someone I get along with and learn from.

I'm also blessed whenever I learn something new from other people we meet. Take for example, our make-up artist Muriel Vega Perez, who taught me to wet my eyebrow brush before applying powder to make my brows last longer and appear more even.

Since Chalk is a magazine geared towards the very young, Muriel made me look youthful with thick, shaped eyebrows, bright pink lipstick, and simple, blown-out hair. Later, as I got home that night, I practiced replicating these eyebrows so I could do them myself. When we met again a few weeks after our Chalk shoot, Muriel told me my eyebrows looked much better. Yay!

Here's a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes:

Writer and interviewer Nante Santamaria looks on as our hairstylist Carrie Danila fixes Job's hair. Incidentally, Nante and I first met in our freshman year in college when we both auditioned for the glee club. Other familiar faces in college were Toff de Venecia, who edited the article, and Leloy, who was in the debate organization that shared a room with the glee club. The shoot felt like a college reunion actually :)

*A clue that I've outgrown this age group is that none of my friends read this magazine and hence do not know about this feature. Hahaha. I can't be that old, right?

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  1. Hi Jill! You look gorgeous! So happy for you :-) - Nice


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