Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't Get Drenched... Get Trench'd!

It's been raining on and off these past few weeks, and the wet t-shirt look is hardly stylish, nor very respectable -- can you imagine turning up at the office drenched? Well, gone are the olden days where gentlemen would lay their coats on puddles for damsels-in-distress to daintily step on, so ladies, why don't we brave the rain in our own coats? ;)

This is where Trench'd comes in -- a new line of waterproof trench coats by Ready for Rain. I'm so happy to announce they're finally available, not only because these cover-ups are both stylish and functional, but also because I styled the shoot a few months back! :)

As someone who likes to get the most wear out of each piece in my closet, I enjoyed coming up with several ways a Trench'd coat may be worn by women with different lifestyles.

I imagined the no-nonsense corporate game-changer and the party-til-dawn girl, who may or may not be the same person... I mean, who says you can't work hard and play hard? ;)

Then there's Trench'd to throw over for a weekend of errands, or belted as you would with a long cardigan for a date...

Side note: I think sky-high platforms are great for avoiding puddles when you don't have to walk too far. Just make sure they have good traction to avoid slipping!

Then there's the casual get-up with a complementary color and a dressier monochromatic outfit for a day at the office.

You may view the complete look book here.

Now that I've been styling on a more regular basis, it's so obvious to me what mistakes I've made on this shoot and what I can improve on for the next one. There's always relief after a shoot, but I find more joy when the photos are out and the product is launched! That's when the sales kick in, right? ;) So... please, for your health, sanity, and savings (it's expensive to get sick!) -- grab a Trench'd coat now at before stocks run out! :)

Shoot directed by Risa de Sagun
Modeled Janeena Chan
Photography by Patty Mendoza
Hair & make-up by Anjie Gogna

Special thanks to Kim Chupeco of Tonic Bags & Shoes for lending her fabulous shoes and bags!

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