Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What to Wear in Red-Hot Petra: Ciara

Petra is one of the most amazing sites we saw during the Holy Land trip. Located in present-day Jordan, it's a man-made ancient wonder that has since been abandoned. The reddish rocks symbolize olden-day Edom, named after Esau -- whose name actually means "red." Interesting, right?

On this hot, hot day, my gorgeous bus-mate and friend Ciara wore long sleeves and pants to protect her skin from the sun. Being covered up doesn't mean looking like a nun, as you can see!

Ciara's sand-colored top blended in with the rest of the rocks, but her bright orange pants livened up her look... did her cobalt blue Tory Burch messenger bag.

I love her top for two reasons: the subtle snakeskin print(!!!) and the length, which is great to move around in and travel with.

But no matter what man manufactures or conjures up, it's no match for God's handiwork! People may see this and concoct frothy layers of tulle or icing; a painter would trickle free-form stripes across a room, but God created this first :)

I'm a bit sad that photos cannot capture the beauty of seeing these rocks up close and personal, but these are a good reminder that God is good and His works of nature can be seen all around me everyday -- just in a tropical setting most of the time.

Have a blessed midweek, everyone! :)

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