Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tangled: A Hair Story

Have you ever watched Disney's Tangled? It's the story of Rapunzel who had magical, life-giving hair. Contrary to the fairy tale, hair is actually made up of dead cells, and because of its weight, I've never grown my hair past my rib cage.

Good thing there's Tokyo Posh, the one-stop shop for hair extensions, clip-ons, half-wigs and more! You can literally change your hair every day depending on your mood! :) I visited my friend Denise in her Rockwell branch, and she happily offered to make my hair longer for the afternoon. This is what a half pony looks like:

My hair's almost jet black, so the dark brown samples didn't quite match, but I didn't mind. It was fun and interesting to see how I'd look with long hair.

I also tried some clip-on bangs. The last time I had real blunt bangs cut, my then-boyfriend cringed inwardly, gulped, and told me they look "okay." It wasn't until my hair grew out that he pleaded "please don't have blunt bangs again." Haha! There are just some things regarding hair and clothing are just too cute for us ladies but totally confusing to guys! Don't you agree? What are other man repellers in your experience?

Ma, look! I'm a girl!!! Sometimes, I need to exert extra effort to show my mom she has a daughter...

...whereas I'm sure my dad doesn't need any reminding when he sees my rows of shoes stacked against the wall ;p I love my long locks and curly hair!

Hurry on to Tokyo Posh on the 2nd floor of Rockwell for a quick hair pick-me-up! They also have semi-permanent locks for those who want them to last a month or so. For those who live up North, don't despair -- Denise is opening another branch in Eastwood Mall on July 31. Yay!

Hair by Tokyo Posh. Topshop blouse and shorts. Parisian heels.

Tokyo Posh
R2 Level, Power Plant Mall, Makati City
+632 659-5085
+63917 835-3131

Extensions by Tokyo Posh
3rd Floor, Main Mall,
SM City North Edsa
+632 352-7024

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