Monday, July 23, 2012

Stand-Out in the Desert: Joanne

Having been deprived of color in my wardrobe for at least a hundred days, I turned to my bus-mate and friend Joanne for some color and print inspiration.

Can you count the number of patterns she has on?

That day, we set out for the Masada National Park and Q'umran Caves, passing through vast desert lands.

The stark environment above makes a great backdrop for Joanne's kaleidoscope of colors, don't you think? Below: her scarf, shirt, and striped bag.

This breathtaking view is taken from the Masada National Park.


A red belt and navy shorts pick up colors from her shirt.

And she finished off with neutral-colored Toms... but aha! There's a stripe lurking in there somewhere.

Hope you're having a blessed start to the week!

P. S. What do you think? How many prints can you pull off in one go? :)

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