Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scorching Hot: What do you wear in Egypt?

Hello from the scorching sands of Egypt! While packing for our Holy Land trip, I was mapping out my outfits and was pretty sure I didn't want to wear jeans in Egypt because they tend to be heavy, stiffer, and close-cut to the body. So what do I wear?

A light-colored top and loose pants! I had limited options to bring along the trip, because remember, I could only work with black, white, and neutrals like cream, gray, and navy. Good thing I found these cute printed harem pants at 168 Mall for a steal at P180! :)

Behold, the magnificent pyramids! There are only three large pyramids remaining in the world, the only surviving ancient wonders -- those of Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus. It's such a surreal experience to see and touch for myself something that Abraham, Moses, and Jesus witnessed. A mind-boggling thought, right?

Each pyramid took decades to build, with stone by stone cut and laid with care. The technology and know-how in the ancient times show just how powerful, invincible, cosmopolitan Egypt was at the time. This just goes to show how briefly earthly things last -- some for centuries, yes -- but just a moment compared to the eternity of blessing Jesus promises us when we believe in Him.

You know I love a good print on print! As you can see, with the right choice of patterns and colors, it looks good on anyone...

Even camels ;)

I wore my white slim-soled sneakers because I didn't feel like having sand in my shoes that day. Maybe another time when I miss the beach. ;)

We enjoyed an Egyptian-flavored KFC meal -- two-piece chicken, sesame bun, and fries. Apparently, it's not usual to give out gravy here.

We said hi to the Sphinx, which is flanked by two of the pyramids we saw just a few minutes ago. It's surprisingly smaller than what people expect.

White shirt from Hot Options, Target. Harem pants from 168 Mall. Converse sneakers.

P. S. As nice and refreshing as it looks and feels, I found it's a big mistake to wear a white shirt in sandy or dusty conditions as I had to scrub and scrub it back to its pristine whiteness. I gave up and had to rely on my 6 other tops for the rest of the trip, unless I covered this shirt with a sweater ;p
P. P. S. What would you have worn in the desert? And would you go sleeveless or covered arms? :)


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