Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scarves in the Desert: Weird or Not?

When the sun is beating down on you and you're not quite convinced to don long-sleeved shirts... aside from slathering sunblock, why not use a scarf as your own personal tent?

That's what I did while traipsing around Israel's Masada National Park. And since I like having tan legs, I tanned away by wearing shorts! Hihi. Yes, we saw a lot of rocks that day.

I used my scarf uhhh, shawl to cover my arms for other photo ops like this one. It's great to bring a thin one along for travel as it keeps you warm on the plane and is breathable enough to bring as a cover-up against the sun.

Blouse and shawl from bazaar. Denim shorts from Cache Cache. Converse sneakers.

P. S. What's your favorite sun protection? ;)

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