Sunday, July 15, 2012

4-Way Scarf: What do you wear on a long flight?

This is the moment I've been waiting for -- to blog about the trip that changed my life! I usually learn a lot when I travel, but when one of my best friends Kim asked me to go on the Holy Land Bible Study Tour this year, I had no idea how amazing this experience would be. I had just left my three-year stint as a brand manager at the end of March and was looking forward to the two weeks we'd have this April-May when I could rest, recharge, and spend time -- quality time -- with God. I was really excited to have daily devotionals at 8 AM!

The first leg of our trip was in Egypt, with a stop-over in Dubai, and I wanted to wear something that allowed me to move comfortably throughout the long flight. I also get chilled easily, but didn't want to sweat at the airport (nor in the desert!) so I settled on a thin, blousy shirt that was long enough for me to wear with leggings -- the closest thing to pajamas. And although I had a light jacket in my hand carry bag, I settled on a scarf to keep me appropriately warm.

Scarf style # 1: Over the neck. Simple enough, right? This leopard print is one of two scarves I brought on my trip. I decided to pack light and just be creative with what I have.

I wanted to bring only ONE handbag for the entire trip, so these were my requirements:
1) It had to match all my outfits.
2) Preferably hands free, because I'd be taking lots of notes during the trip, handling a camera, holding up an umbrella, if needed.
3) Large enough to store travel essentials, a cap, water bottle, Bible, notebook, camera, but not too big that I'd be tempted to put in more than enough.

This taupe messenger bag sealed the deal!

It wasn't as sturdy as I would have liked it to be, but considering the low price I got it at and the two years it's been with me, I didn't mind if I had to throw it away after my trip.

My gray, paper-thin-soled flats from Bershka are one of only three pairs I brought along the trip, excluding rubber slippers. Great for slipping on and off at security checks and on the plane, for walking on even surfaces, and SPF protection for my toes, compared to open sandals.

I slept during most of our eight-hour flight to Dubai, which might explain why I look so alert! Haha.

During our flight transfer, I shortened my scarf to keep it from getting in my way.

Scarf style # 2: The loop and tie. I simply looped the twisted scarf twice around my neck, and secured the loops by tying both scarf ends in a knot.

Then, for our next flight...

Scarf style # 3: The wrap. The great thing about a wider scarf / shawl like this is that it acts as a blanket when I'm feeling a bit chilly. Simply spread out and cover your shoulders, or lay out on your legs.

Here, I'm sharing a photo of my friends Henry and Jeremy making fun of me and my stylish wrap with their plain/plane blankets:

Finally, after a day of traveling, we finally arrived in Egypt. To keep myself from tripping on my shawl or getting it stuck on the baggage carousel, I tied it loosely around my neck to keep from suffocating in the now growing heat.

Scarf style # 4: Once the shawl or scarf is on your neck as in Style # 1, twist both ends and loop each once around your neck, so your scarf will be around your neck twice in total. You may tuck the loose ends into the looped sections or slip each end through a section and let them hang loose, like so:

Aaaand, off to the Egyptian National Museum we went! I know, straight from the airport! Eeeeek.

Gray shirt from Mango. Shawl from bazaar. Leggings from Dotti. Flats from Bershka.

P.S. As this is just the beginning of our trip, stay tuned on how I managed to use my two scarves and live on 7 tops and 6 bottoms for 15 days!

P.P.S. For my next post, I'll share with you how my friend Gigi kept herself looking and feeling fresh after 24 hours of travel ;)

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