Saturday, June 2, 2012

Muji-fy My Room!

Now that my closet's a little lighter from last week's weeding, it's easier to organize my remaining stuff. And believe me, there's still a lot of it left so I'm doing another round of cleaning today -- the brutal, never-look-back kind of cleaning.

Anyway, to inspire me to de-clutter and beautify my space, I went window-shopping at Muji, one of my favorite places to live in. Seriously. If only I can keep my room and future home as neat and organized as the Muji display, I would be in OC heaven. See these beautifully translucent boxes stacked beside each other?

Ahhhh, bliss.

And wouldn't it be great if all your hangers in the closet matched?

I imagine my clothes would look so clean and organized! (Yeah, right.)

I admit, it's not practical to throw away my existing hangers and buy new ones. I do realize how one hour of browsing in Muji kind of convinces you to buy into the clean and simple Muji way of living... so much that my cousin Erika and I started inventing excuses for getting this box and that organizer. Haha. Still more hangers coming up!

I was good and didn't buy anything; instead, I listed the measurements of the drawers I liked so I could go back home and see which ones would fit. I've never been this excited to clean! To go with this aesthetic, I wore a basic striped shirt from another Japanese brand known for its design and functionality -- Uniqlo -- with stirrup leggings and black flats.

Erika is in basic black and white against a very colorful, punchy board-up of Cotton On. So many brands coming into the Philippines! I'm happy we're finally going to have access to them without hopping on a plane to Hong Kong, but I wish there were more local brands in our shopping space, don't you? :)

Window-shopping can be draining, so we headed to the end of Bonifacio High Street for some refreshment.

Jamba Juice is bursting with natural fruit and creamy yoghurt goodness! Mmmmmm!!!

Thank you for visiting and have a blessed weekend! :)

Uniqlo striped tunic. Dotti leggings. Flats from Hong Kong.

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