Sunday, April 15, 2012


Oh myyyyyy!!! It's been awhile since my last post and I apologize for not updating sooner! Life has been a whirlwind of events and opportunities -- praise God for these! -- and I haven't had the time or mental clarity to sit down and write a post. I'll be sure to update you with what's been happening in my personal, professional, and sartorial life :)

Today, I'll share with you some photos that remind me of how blessed I am to have sisters in the form of dear friends. I'm an only daughter, you see, and so I enjoy playing dress-up and make-up with these ladies as much as I enjoy our intelligent conversations, if you can believe we actually have the latter. We call ourselves the SOTP or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant___s and I also wrote about us here ;p Who knows how that name came up! We're very silly that way.

Clockwise from the top: Kim, me, Jacqui, Esel

This photo shoot was timely as it would be one of our last moments we'd all be in one place in the next few years. We're all in different life stages too: Esel, just married, is moving to the US to join her husband; Jacqui's getting married this year; Kim's in love, and well, there's me -- in love with my God! ;)

Anyway, we initially voted among three pegs for the shoot:
1) pastels and nudes
2) loud, colorful spring
3) come as you are

Can you tell which one we picked? I think you already have a clue.

First, let's take a peek behind-the-scenes. I had arrived wearing one of my choices so I lent Esel my top and skirt. We put on our make-up at The Picture Company, our chosen studio for the morning.

Someone lent me her glasses and they were too cute not to take a photo of! I would have used them for the shoot if our peg were Summer Sisters or something. Ah, the magic of the sun, the sky, and the sea... It would have been gorgeous with all the colors bursting forth. Just saying! ;)

Here, mommy and make-up extraordinaire Esel puts on some last touches to Jacqui, who reserved all her estrogen for this very girly day. Among the four of us, Jacqui's the only one who does not enjoy having her photos taken. Thank you for doing this with us, Jacq! We love you :)

We had the soles of our shoes covered with tape so as not to track dirt onto the background.

After several minutes of telling the photographer "Yes, we're ready!" while still chit-chatting and doing last-minute touch-ups...

...we finally get going! Really, our photographer Ishee is awesome. She's used to shooting kids, but I think grown-ups (and by grown-ups, I mean us) need extra patience. Haha!

We finally pry ourselves from the dressing area and head to the shoot room, where the lovely Kim waits for Ishee to set up her solo shots. Kim's a pro at having her photos taken so she's going first!

Kim and Esel get ready for their paired shot.

So, about the peg we had for our photo shoot -- in typical last-minute fashion, we decided the night before to just stick to the first choice. Well, we were pleased with the results, because we ended up doing both 1 AND 3 -- pastels and "come as you are"! :)

There's Esel, the eternal bohemian and free spirit. Don't let her personal style fool you. Aside from her creative knack for branding, she's a kick-*ss consultant and CPA. I think it's pretty cool she can do pretty much any job. Seriously.

There's Jacq, the financial risk wizard. Although I don't understand the technical side of her work, she enjoys it so much that I try extra hard to listen when she talks about financing, credit exposure, and... well, I get lost. It makes me happy to see her glow from a sense of achievement (from work) and love (from her fiance). She loves clean, simple lines, and nothing too constricting.

Of course, there's Kim -- cute, fun, eternally joyful, and optimistic. She has a serious side too, but it's her charm that works very powerfully. Her clients and her guy would agree! ;) Here she wears a sweet and romantic dress and a feminine bib necklace.

And then there's me in my shampoo commercial. I'm glad I brushed my hair that day :) Seriously though, I think I'm still finding my way. Consultant, merchandiser, brand manager, wannabe personal shopper and stylist, amateur blogger -- my personal style is very relaxed and easy. Nothing too short or complicated that needs fixing every five minutes.

So... is it just me, or do you hear it too?

Ready? Cue music from Cyndi Lauper: Ooo-ooooh, girls, just wan-na have fu-un! O-ohhh girls just wanna have fun!

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