Monday, March 19, 2012

A Wedding / Ten-Year Old Lessons from the Love of Music

Weddings are always full of memories and emotions. This one I attended a few weekends ago was no different, as I relived moments not only of the couple but also with fellow guests and wedding singers from the Ateneo Glee Club. It's been six years since I last formally sang with them (and in Europe too!) and it was so much fun, not to mention touching and sentimental, to sing the very first song we were strictly tested on in our first year as trainees. We were trying our best not to pee in our pants in front of our conductor back then. This marks the 10th year anniversary of us singing this piece...

L-R: me, Abby, Mich, Issa

And just as timeless as this piece is, so are the irreplaceable life lessons I learned from being in the Glee Club, such as...

1) Being able to put on make-up in any condition and time limit. A lot of the time, we'd run overtime on sound checks, encounter horrendous traffic, or travel long distances (think LA highways) and we'd end up pressed for time to get dressed and made up. Once, we had FIVE minutes to do hair, make-up and a costume change with various people shouting down the minutes. Throughout the years, we all learned how to put on our faces and put up our hair despite being crammed like sardines at the back of a van or dressing up in the same room as the guys (thank goodness we don't have to do that anymore!)

For this particular weekend, I nestled on the chapel floor, which I found much more comfortable and cooler than the toilet, and I got to sit down too ;)

2) Knowing how to dress for a performance. Aside from the outfit we'll wear for the actual performance, I've learned how to choose clothes that are easy to slip in and out of. That day, I chose a loose blouse and shorts. Good choice for three reasons: it was comfortable enough for the ride to and back from Clark where the wedding was held; it kept me cool enough amid the humid weather; and the most important -- I wouldn't mess up my face and hair changing in and out of my formal dress.

3) Being experts in hair and make-up. Having dozens of performances a year, we gals need to make sure we stand out under the bright klieg lights. From goth to girly, we've tried all looks, some more appealing than others ;p Here's the lovely Mich with her gorgeous eye-defining make-up (how does she do that?) and magically curled insta-hair.

Whereas I just made do with a messy bun... something that would NEVER pass our stringent Glee Club standards by the way. All twenty or so ladies in the group had to wear our hair exactly the same, with or without a side part, which was determined by the EVP or style guru.

Not up to par but I'm quite happy how it turned out ;)

3) Sticking together no matter what. Despite time, distance, in between guys, very tense rehearsals, and testy traveling conditions, I'm very blessed to have experienced them with my Chinese twin Abby. How did we ever survive our adventures? A shared love for "style" was one. We laughed about the horror our Assistant Conductor had on his face upon seeing us enter rehearsal with matching maroon velvet bubble skirts or black-and-white polka dot peep-toe heels. Abby and I even bought matching black-and-white tweed boxy shoulder bags. Very Chanel. Very classic :)

To this day, we still think alike and match outfits. Unintentionally this time, with long flowy tube dresses and asymmetrical draping.

4) Taking joy in the simple and beautiful. Simple is beautiful. I love the all-white baby's breath tempting to overflow the baskets that lined the aisle. It's a brave choice compared to the other extravagantly decorated weddings I've been to, but I'd like to think more breathtaking.

5) Choosing love and working hard at it. If there's one thing I learned from Glee Club, it's all about loving what you do and doing anything for it. For us, it meant running in the rain to make it to rehearsal; doing homework in the library at the expense of being labeled a Nerd the crucial first two years of college to make it to thrice-a-week, 3-hour rehearsals; inputting the pieces note-by-note on a computer to learn them (take note, this was before the time of iPods, iPads, and other convenient devices), and giving up other social activities to hang out with fellow crazies.

For Toby and Sarah, it meant cementing a 14-year-old relationship (man, they could have had a teenager by now!) by promising to love committing to each other the rest of their lives.

Oh, memories :) Time flies so fast, doesn't it?


  1. Oh honey! Everything looks good on you! ;) Glad to have seen you with your chinese twin! haha ;p
    Wish we could go on tour again roomie! ;p hehe

  2. Thank you, babe! See you soon ;)


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