Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oops, I Did It Again!

Okay. So I hope you don't remember that once upon a time, I've said I would stop buying crochet tops. Oops! Now that I have confessed reminded you, I will now proceed to tell you why this is still a GOOD BUY :)

1) It goes perfectly with my coral Topshop shorts the one I bought immediately after I told myself I won't buy any more shorts, which I've been wearing for three consecutive weekends -- a testament to how predictable I am what a good investment this is!

2) It's perfect for summer. I know I've been talking about how HOT it's been the past few days, but when it gets HUMID, and we're getting there... you need as many holes in your clothing as possible while still looking decent. Voila!

3) I can wear this top many ways -- this is going to be a wardrobe staple, I'm telling you! This time, with the front tucked in to show off the waistband and to look more put together. Hehe. An illusion, considering how comfortable I am! Yes! Mission accomplished :)

Here with slim jeans and sky-high yet ultra lightweight footwear. A little more covered up for the cooler evening ahead. The asymmetrical hem ends shorter in front to showcase a flat belly (for now) and longer in the back for any unsightly bulges. Haha.

4) Oh, I remember my favorite reason why I love crochet tops! Please see below photos and tell me you  agree with me that they're good enough reason to wear something... expandable ;) My version of an Invisible Cloak, if you will.

Sashimi platter
Hamachi jaw
Unagi sushi

We had loads more food but I was too busy stuffing my face. Now say it with me... Nomnomnom!!! ;p

Nava crochet top. Uniqlo tank top.
Outfit 1:  Topshop coral shorts. Jessica Simpson platform sandals.
Outfit 2: Uniqlo skinny jeans. Bershka wedges.

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