Friday, March 2, 2012

New Curves / What to Wear When You're Skinny

It may seem ironic, but I desperately needed a style-uplift after reviewing my closet! Given most of my clothes hang loosely and comfortably on me like this favorite, I promised myself the next few pieces I acquire would be something that actually flatters my slight (and still getting slighter) frame. I also had to keep away from the basic black, which I have a lot of, and other blah colors that did nothing to offset my complexion.

I chanced upon this vibrant print dress in SM and the minute I felt the gathered stretchy fabric, I knew I had hit the jackpot. Doesn't it make me look more uhhh... volumized? :)

If you're thin like me, there are ways to make you look less like a thirteen-year-old boy and more like an eighteen-year-old lady. Haha! ...which is still not as fully developed as I'd like but probably as developed as God will let me be, for now! :)

First, look for areas where cloth bunches up, as this will add volume where necessary. I just love that although small and hardly recognizable, the sleeves are gathered at the shoulder seam, softening a somehow bony frame.

The dress manufacturer was also generous with the material, as the pleats from the shoulders swathed down to the waist. Yay -- that's additional 10 lbs. right there!

Another thing I liked about this dress was that after creating much-needed volume on the torso, it narrows down to a waistband, creating an hourglass figure (or so I'd like to think).

The last thing you want to look for is a fabric that is quite stretchy and will fall on your natural curves -- or bones, whatever the case is -- nothing too tight or loose. Just right, as Goldilocks would say of Baby Bear's bed. The skirt allowed long strides and was very comfortable, which is a very important factor for me.

So, need to gain a good 15 lbs. without having to go to the gym or chanting I must, I must, I must increase my bust? No problem! Now you know how ;)

Thank you for reading! I'd love to know if this post was helpful to you!

Xara dress. Belt from Shanghai. Pumps from Hong Kong.


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