Monday, March 26, 2012

The Illusionist

If you've noticed, dresses make up most of my wardrobe. And why not? They're easy to wear and move around in, and they can make one look so sophisticated! After some hesitation on my part, I bought this particular dress chosen for me by Esel from SM Department Store, one of my favorite places to shop! (Pfffft. What isn't?) There are plenty of choices and the staff are so helpful. I find that my shopping experience there has gotten better and better over the years!

Anyway, today I'd like to share with you some tricks on how to look slimmer -- if you're on the heavy side -- or curvier -- if you're underweight like me. Either way, it's all an illusion! ;) Here goes!

1) Choose something body-skimming but not body-fitting. There is a difference! -- if I wore the latter, I'd be exposing my bones and that wouldn't be very pretty :) Everyone has a cut that best suits her; I find tailored items flatter any body type. I like this dress because the high neck covers my chest bones and lends a demure vibe to the look.

2) Wear prints -- a busy print like this one distracts the viewer and conceals any bulges (or sharp edges).

3) Look for details that will elongate your form. Because my torso is quite long, this empire waist cuts it off and makes my legs longer than they really are. This would flatter someone who's a little shorter as well. One warning though -- if you're over 25, it's very hard to pull off a baby doll dress! Might not be a good idea unless you don't mind people congratulating you on your pregnancy ;p

4) Cross your legs when you have your photo taken. Basically, it breaks up the viewer's eye into thinking your legs are narrower than your hips. Oh, see? Doesn't it sort of look like I have curves? ;p

Viz-a-Viz dress. Pumps from Hong Kong.

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