Thursday, March 1, 2012

Courage: Is Going Blind on a Blind Date

This post is waaaay overdue and you'll know why in a minute. First, let me ask you a couple of questions:

1) What does one wear to a blind date?
A: Something safe, but not man-repelling (therefore no blunt bangs, turtlenecks, or animal prints), something a little feminine.

2) What does one wear to a Dinner in the Dark -- a 3-course pre-Valentine's dinner organized by JCI Manila to promote awareness about blind youth?
A: Knowing myself, I'd spill something all over myself even without the event's prerequisite blindfold, so I picked out a printed blouse such that any stains would be camouflaged somehow. Now this is what you call functional dressing! ;p

3) What can I wear that fits the above criteria and can still pass as office-appropriate?
A: Since I had no time to go home and change before dinner, I just layered on a cardigan.

Ta-da! Three concerns addressed!

The wind makes things look so pretty, no?

Oh, and the skirt is so romantic! Just what I needed --  a skirt in camel (a wardrobe staple I've been looking for!) and a mullet skirt (a must-have this season!) Yes, two reasons were good enough get me sold on this skirt when I visited Greenhills Tiangge the weekend before. Hihi. No need for the shopgirl to urge me "Maam, bili na!" (Maam, buy it already!) as I had already convinced myself.

For dinner, I just exchanged my studs for dangling earrings and my basic heels to a higher sandal (not photographed).

Just to share with you about how I got into the bind of going blind on a blind date (what a mouthful! Tongue-twister, anyone?) this Valentine's, I must tell you about my very sweet, well-meaning friend Kim who wanted to set me up with her cousin's friend. Since another friend offered to shoulder my ticket, I stupidly agreed into the arrangement to keep both parties happy... until I realized shortly after what I had done. I am such an introvert that getting blindfolded for a public dinner is already enough to make me worry. What more having to come up with useful conversation with someone I didn't know! Okay, breathe. That's two acts of courage.

But no, that wasn't enough for the night.

I also... tan-tan-tadaaaan... got myself interviewed for Saksi for GMA7. Kim was supposed to be interviewed but she pushed me in front of the camera. Again, I didn't say no. Horror of horrors! I turned into a blabbering fool on national TV. People I knew saw me. It's so painful for me to watch this.

That's Kim in the background, laughing at me. Tsk tsk. Fell into her trap yet again! After dinner, when I could finally breathe, I laughed the night away with these gorgeous ladies Holly and Jane...

So what have I learned from this interesting night about courage? Learning how to say no... Or maybe yes to things, just one at a time :)

You can find Kim's account of Dinner in the Dark here.

J. Crew blouse. Skirt from Greenhills Tiangge. Belt from Australia. Heels from VNC. Earrings from bazaar.

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