Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Corporate Nautica

I'm very blessed to live in the city with the seaside a few hours' drive away. Unlike some of my friends whose families hail from the province, I was born in an urban landscape. Fortunately, my cousins and I grew up with summers spent outdoors, catching butterflies, sucking on santan flowers for a sip of honey, and my favorite -- frolicking at the beach.

As boring and un-spontaneous as I am, my friends know me to be the first one to say Go! whenever a beach trip is hatched. And since I can't physically be at the ocean with the wind whipping my hair about and feel the sand between my toes... Huhu.

I've decided to bring the ocean into the city.

Really, there's nothing as peaceful, as calming, as humbling as this view...

But until I can set up my beachfront office, this will have to do.

I think I just came up with a rhyme there! ;)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a blessed week ahead!

Bossini button-up. Uniqlo skirt (8 years old and counting!) Uniqlo belt. Mom's necklace. Nine West heels.

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