Saturday, February 18, 2012

Working From Home

Remember my ultimate dream -- to work from home (i.e. the beach)? Okay, so let's take it up a notch. I'd like to be as glamorous as THESE ladies while working from home. Meaning, I'm not in my ratty tshirt and shorts. Eep!

I took some inspiration from Garance Dore's photos of Reece Solomon...

...and Lucy Chadwick being productive in their casa.

Seeing these ladies has inspired me to dress up at home when I'm working! Haha. Pretty soon I'll be twirling around in my dresses talking to myself. What a crazy lady! Nahhh, I won't do that ;p

Seriously though, I find dressing properly as though for public viewing sort of puts my "head in order" and forces my brain to think. Now that my desk is clear of junk and clutter, I should do the same with my computer*.

Any organizational tips? What do you do to get into working mode? :)

Photos from Garance Dore.
* Methinks it's easier to buy a new one, what with all my files on my desktop!

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