Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who Knows?

I really wasn't sure what I was thinking when I got dressed the morning I wore this...

I just knew it was time I wore a proper shirtdress to connote some sort of professionalism at the office (uh huh, who am I kidding). Then proceeded to dress them down with my very comfortable pair of chinos (like pajamas, I tell you!) and flats (ahhhh my feet thank me). I might as well have gone to work in sweatpants and a gym shirt -- oh wait, I changed into that after work, more on that later.

I added some spice with this genuine leather belt that I fell in love with last summer (how I love sniffing it but I promise I'm not addicted to the smell of leather. Really!) It was a bit too long for me so I had it altered last week during my errand run. Now I'm wondering if I had it cut too short. I better not gain more than an inch on my hips for awhile! ;p

These have got to be the pointiest pair of shoes I own. Man repellers, yeah! Along with blunt bangs and chunky shoes, animal print is something men don't understand.

Enough nonsense now. Oh and I changed into gym clothes for a sweaty, crazy Zumba class with Esel at 360 Fitness Club. Whoooo what a workout that was!

I hope you're having a lovely week so far!

Blouse, Zara. Chinos, Uniqlo. Flats, bazaar. Belt from Shanghai.


  1. MAN REPELLERS :))) I love man repelling things right now! :) You're so funny and we need to bond na! :) :D

  2. Haha Daryl! I think I sniffed too much of my leather belt goodness when I was writing this. I sound insane! :) Let's bond in March, game? After your classes end! :)


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