Monday, February 13, 2012

Styling Dilemma: Too Long a Belt

I was running late (again!) the other day so I opted for a printed dress, cinched it with a belt, and added dangling earrings. Easy as 1-2-3!

However, like most belts I own, this one reaches halfway across my back when I wear it on my natural waist as I'm quite thin. The belt's about to run out of snaps, so what do I do to make this messy-looking contraption... (The OC in me shudders.)

Look somehow clean and put-together? (And hence suggest that I didn't roll out of bed and into my clothes? Haha.)

Magic? It's easy and you don't need to be a stylist to figure this one out! I just discovered this by rummaging around my work desk!

Fortunately for me, I discovered a small loop at the end of my belt. Anyway, I take a twisty wire thing* -- you know, the kind that you use to keep electrical wires gathered or in place -- and shoot it through the loop...

Then twisting it to wrap securely around the part of the belt that's close to my body...

Like so.

Just a few more adjustments to make sure the wire doesn't peep out. It sure helps that the black color camouflages well against my dark brown belt. I'd use a white wire to do this trick on a lighter-colored one.

And, there we have it! Belt in place and secure. No loose end flapping around and making one look fat.

Because my dress was quite long, I elongated my look with high heels (not as high as I wanted but high enough to walk around in the office without clunking everyone to deafness or annoyance.)

Ta-da! Long and sleek!

Must. Tone. Muscle. Yes? :) Have a wonderful week ahead!

Maple dress. Belt from Australia. Fioni pumps from Payless Shoesource.

* Yes, I'm quite the eloquent blogger, am I not? ;p


  1. Nice look! and great idea!

    Hi from Annie...Taipei


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