Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Style Profile: Chat

One of my colleagues Cathy, or Chat for short, is quite tall and turns guys' heads whenever she walks past. She reminds me of a beauty queen because she has such good posture and a warm smile. She sure turns the ladies' heads too because of her innate style!

I love how relaxed this whole outfit is while being office-appropriate*: Printed tee, cropped slacks, gemstone flats, and some serious-looking eyewear ;) And despite the abundance of color, Chat managed her outfit very well with these guidelines:

1) Choose one piece to be the center of attention -- here, it's her printed shirt.
2) Balance with a "safer" item with interesting details like these black cropped pants.

3) Pick a colored item to complement the dominant color in your focal piece. Chat relied on gemstone flats to stay comfortable yet polished.

4) Further mix up the color cocktail with a multi-hued bracelet.

5) Then balance with neutrals. Aside from her black trousers, Chat wore a white belt and brown rimmed glasses.

Simple to emulate with attractive results!

Hope you have a lovely week!

* Don't you just hate it when people change into rubber slippers in the office? Eww! Although I might jump at the chance to work from home (yay, shorts as uniform!) I'm still pretty particular about what I wear to the office because it's NOT my home.

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