Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Blonde Twin?

A friend had just visited Cape Town and stalked this girl because... here, I'll just add the message that came along with the photo.
So I was walking around Cape Town and I saw this one girl who absolutely reminded me of you. She had a long flowy skirt and a really nice tank with it but the kicker was this red scarf she had that just added the color. Yeah, as I was walking down the street I just thought, yeah, this is perfectly Jill.

This totally looks like something I'd wear and be doing... if I were in Cape Town, that is! Haha! When will I ever get the chance to visit, I wonder*?

For those who know me, what do you think? Do you see any resemblance? :)

* Strange coincidence that just last weekend, I met the Consul of the Philippine Embassy from Cape Town. Hmmm!

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