Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to Wear: A life vest that's too big

I just spent an amazing, breathtaking, wonderful weekend in Donsol and Legaspi with friends Esel, Kim, and others! Not only did we have one blissful interaction with nature after another, we also picked up a lot of nuggets of information, some more memorable than others. I will inject them into my posts over the next few days! For today, I want to share with you how to deal with a life vest that usually comes in one-size-fits-all.

For most Asians -- ladies especially -- the standard life jacket hangs quite loose. The trouble with this is that once you're in the water, it will float up and above your neck and obstruct your vision. For those who don't swim very well, you definitely don't want that concern added while snorkeling or keeping up with the fast butanding or whale shark!

Fortunately, our Butanding Interaction Officer or BIO for the day, Kuya Kits, showed us how to wear a life vest that's too big for you. I learn something new every day! Amazing!

Here is the lovely Chastine with her custom-fit life vest.

So, how do you do this yourself? It's so easy that Chastine was able to replicate it after Kuya Kits showed her how.

1) Put on the life jacket as you normally would, grabbing hold of the ties on each side.

2) Overlap one side over the other...

3) And pull one tie through the opposite side's armhole.

4) Do the same with the other side it looks like this:

5) Tie the two ends securely, making sure the life vest is snug but not constricting. You still want to be able to move... and breathe!

6) Secure the bottom ties as you normally would. For those who don't know how that's done, here are some step-by-step photos ;p

And voila! Custom-fit, non-distracting life vest!

Stylist of the oceans Kuya Kits:

By the way, I love that tangerine is the color of the season! ;p


  1. Chas now has an alternative career as a flight attendant. She has "how to put on a life vest" demo nailed down -- K

  2. True! She's also an awesome people person :)


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