Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to turn Blah into Oooh!

It's been awhile since my last post; sorry about that! The good news is, there's been a lot going on and I have a lot to share with you in the next few weeks. Wheeeee! Please stay tuned :)

A couple of days ago, I put together a look with two very basic pieces with one very special necklace. 

I look so formal, noh? I wore a silk blouse, my navy elephant pants -- soooo roomy, there could be room for you! -- and a gorgeous coral necklace from my friend Charlene I also wore at the start of the year.

The only complaint I have of my blouse is that the collar is quite soft and sloppy. Hmmm, would a more expensive brand be better? (The blouse is from H&M.)

These Bershka slacks are so comfortable and the exposed side zipper makes it less formal. It's my first time to wear them as they've been sitting at home waiting for the hem to be shortened. I finally had them altered during my errand day some weeks ago.

My colleagues told me I looked so "corporate" that day. Haha! I really like how the very serious slacks and very plain blouse look so different with this piece. Doesn't it turn a somehow Zzzzz look into a Zing!?

Here showing off that I'm not wearing a skirt. I feel so silly in this pose!

Hope you're having a blessed weekend! I can't wait to get back to work tomorrow! Are you? :)

Blouse from H&M. Slacks from Bershka. Heels from VNC. Necklace, gifted by Charlene.

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