Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good vs. Better

Last Saturday, I wore comfortable clothing for an hour of browsing in Greenhills Tiangge followed by a delicious dinner nearby. These heels are the best! I decided they'd be more comfortable than some of my flats and they were sandals I could easily slip in and out of, should I try on some shoes ;)

I folded my shirt sleeves to help me cope with the humidity that afternoon and added a dash of silver via some cheap bangles...

And some swingin' earrings.

My mom gave them to me a few years ago and I loved them straight away! They're large and fun and oh-so-light! No damaged or stretched earlobes with this pair.

When my family and I left the house before 5 PM, I was already hungry and struggled to walk through Greenhills Tiangge. It's  also been awhile since I last went out of the house through a heavily populated area so jostling through the crowd did not help my growing irritability.

As I ducked into a less-crowded Shoppesville, the aroma of freshly deep-fried potatoes and sour cream powder wafted towards me. I checked my watch. It was only 5:20. Could I possibly wait another hour until I placate my tummy??? The torture was unbearable.

I stared at the Potato Corner stall for a good five minutes, then imagined the good food we'd have for dinner and decided I would go without it. I gave myself a pat on the back because usually, I have such low EQ and would've bought myself a snack and gobbled it all up before I finished paying!

I arrived at Sugi five minutes earlier than agreed upon with my family (man, was I hungry!) and fifteen minutes later, I was rewarded beyond my imagination. We had a mix of the freshest sashimi, fragrant tonkatsu or breaded pork chops which I dipped in mustard, milky prawn tempura with crispy-crumbly batter, and honey-batter chicken. Mmmmmm! I also had steaming steamed egg which I flecked with chili powder and some crabstick salad.

We then all walked to Man Hann for some buko sherbet, halo-halo, and a strawberry bar. I was bursting at the seams and was grinning like a Buddha statue with my protruding belly. I had such a fantastic time, and I was really glad I held off on those fries!

I was then reminded how God is the same way with us, in that He asks us to give up something good so that we are free to receive something better. In my case, the "good" thing I gave up three years ago was a relationship with someone I thought was the kindest, most loving person I could ever imagine. It didn't hurt that he was cute. And the bonus was he actually knew I was alive and loved me! Haha. Deep in my heart, I knew God disapproved of our relationship, but I stubbornly held on to it until such time we both couldn't stop fighting and decided to part amicably.

In the three years I've been single, I have learned that while having a boyfriend was "good," God gave me many, many things that are "better" when I gave it up, such as weekends with my family, Saturday night dates with my parents and a closer relationship with them, out-of-town and out-of-country trips with my friends and cousins, time to take classes and museum trips, time to read(!), etc. etc. God still continues to weed out my pride and selfishness -- a frequent root of fights between me and my ex -- and assure me that while I am single, I am neither truly alone nor lonely.

To be sure, there will be lots of times when I'll be disappointed with God's answer. I can receive a "no" or a "just you wait". I will most likely whine and be tempted to take things into my own hands (as I have many, MANY times, stubborn child). But when I hold on to His promises, I know that I can forever be joyful -- not with His blessings, because He'll sometimes choose not to bless me, but simply by being in His presence :)

It's funny how fries can remind me of His goodness, huh? Then again, with God, there are no accidents :)

P.S. You might be thinking Oh Jill, isn't this such a one-sided view? Just to share with you, my ex also received something "better," by the way. A few months after we parted ways, he found a spark with an old friend and last I heard, they're both very happy together ;)

J. Crew shirt. Topshop shorts. H&M earrings. SM Parisian heels.


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