Monday, February 6, 2012

Errand Day!

My errands have been piling up and since I was tempted beyond human control on staying in bed all day, I needed an extra reason to get out of bed the house: the debut of my new skirt! I was convinced then I would get things done!

I mustered all my energy and headed a few kilometers out to our neighborhood one-stop shop: Shopwise Libis! 

I love mini-complexes like these that are close to home, have ample parking space, and sized small enough that I don't have to spend 30 minutes maneuvering through traffic and finding a parking slot (can you say hermit?) It also helps that I arrange to go out on weekend mornings, when people are still meandering about at home in their pajamas.

As a busy and often disorganized person, I tend to batch my errands so I can maximize traffic, travel, and waiting time. Over the span of several weeks or months, I compile things that need fixing, alterations, or replacement. In this case, my belts and clothes have been set aside in my handy shopping bag.

For this errand run, I selected only three pieces of clothing for alterations as I'll be trying a new alteration center; I'd like to see how they work before I leave all my precious shopping loot for them to potentially murder. I've had bad experiences in the past where the tailor would hem one leg too short, or hem an evening gown too short even if I wore flats. Eek.

This Shopwise branch is so convenient! First up: BPI to withdraw some cash to pay for my errands and stock up on the week ahead...

Stop 2: Mr. Quickie to replace peeling shoe insoles and heel tips. I also brought my belts to have them shortened and add extra holes as I wanted to use them high- and low-waisted. Maximize your assets! Increase efficiency! Haha.

This was what my belt actually looked like when I stepped out of the house and before I had extra holes punched in:

Sometimes, I loop my long belts like this when I wear them high-waisted. Because it looks so messy with this belt and particular outfit, I wore it plain and simple as above.

Station 3: Mar's Watch Service Center to replace my watch battery. I went without my watch for barely a week and it drove me crazy having to check my phone for the time.

And since Mr. Quickie didn't have a small hole puncher for these sandals, I asked Kuya if he could so kindly punch two extra holes so I could tighten these straps. He obliged. When I got home, I found that my feet still slipped out of the sandals; I guess I have to buy some heel grips on a separate errand trip.

Point 4: Tape Measure to shorten my dress and pants. There's a funny story about this photo. As I was having my dress adjusted, I was trying to take a picture of myself in the mirror when a guy came in and offered to take it. He tried to butter me up by asking if I were a model, etc. etc. I'm quite wary of strangers so that's a nervous and embarrassed me on the right side.

Nanay Linda, please don't fail me! I'm picking up the clothes today and I hope they turn out great so I can have another batch altered.

When I headed home, I realized I had forgotten to refill my gas tank. I mentally slapped a palm to my forehead for not writing things down, as that usually helps.

Oh well. Four out of five isn't bad ;) It's so energizing and inspiring to check to-do's off my mental list!

My essential errand day must-haves? Hands-free shoulder bag and my spacious Baggu shopper bag that folds neatly into a small pocket.

Oh, and a proper-looking belt :D

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to share some tips on how to make errands more enjoyable!

Blouse, thrifted. Skirt with belt from Greenhills. Bag from Hong Kong. Shopping bag from Baggu. Sm Parisian sandals.


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    1. Daryl, go to Greenhills Tiangge!!! There's one in black too. And there are lots of skirt options :)


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