Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brave Baby Step

Feeling a bit adventurous today? Why not wear a tan belt with black heels*?

There seems to be some serious debate as to whether guys can pull this off, but this is another reason to love being a girl! I guess it's not much of a fashion risk as some people are concerned, but it's a baby step for me ;) I try to push my personal boundaries a bit each week.

This has got to be my most favorite blouse ever. Oh wait, have I said that before about another piece? Hmm. Okay, it's a tie. I used to feel lukewarm about this one and then I discovered how easy and comfortable and light it was and how well it went with everything. Am I blabbering on too much now? I tend to do that with things I'm passionate about ;)

Mixing tan and black doesn't feel so scary when it's mixed with other basics, such as a neutral-colored blouse and dark denims.

What about you? Any little brave steps lately? :)

Blouse, Hong Kong. Jeans from Uniqlo. Belt, came with a skirt. Heels from VNC.
* This pair finally resurrected after having the heel tips replaced! Hooray for second life!

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