Monday, January 2, 2012

Summer Blooms

I'm aware that it's months away from summer, but I was so excited for our holiday trip to the beach that I had started dressing in warm-weather clothing a few days in advance. (Little did I know it would be chilly!)

Early last year, I was dreaming of a Topshop blouse with a vintage floral print and with much restraint, put off any shopping in the malls. A few weeks into my shopping fast, I couldn't didn't resist visiting my favorite haunt and had this baby in my arms for only P80! I couldn't believe the amazing find as it was 100% silk. I also love the asymmetrical hem and loose billowy shape (no surprise here) that add to its carefree, let's-just-throw-on-whatever mood.

The absolutely best part about it? The insides of the shoulder has snaps that fasten onto bra straps so the blouse stays in place. Pure genius, amazing value :) In times like these, I'm so grateful I held off on buying something I wanted... just to get something so much better.

I wait in faithful expectation for more awesome finds, sartorial and otherwise, that God has in store for me. To Him be all the glory!

Blouse, thrifted. High-waisted pants from Topshop. Peep-toe pumps from Nine West.


  1. love love love this outfit! especially the pants. :)

  2. Thank you, Kim :) I love these pants too!

  3. i love this outfit and the write-up for it! :) what applies to clothes applies to boys too! :) haha :)

  4. Thanks, Daryl! :) What do you mean by your comment on comparing clothes and boys -- does this have anything to finding one with pure genius, amazing value? ;p Hahaha!


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