Thursday, January 19, 2012

(sisterly) Love Is In The Air!

Who knew a single wedding weekend would turn me into mush like this? I guess I'm still so sentimental about it because it involves one of my dearest friends, Esel. I know this sounds crazy, maybe a little clingy, but I'm still adjusting to her married life* because we've spent so much time together** in the past year, I thought for awhile we were the couple! Hehe. My greetings of peace to her groom Gelo! I promise you now have your bride for keeps :)

Sisters by heart, we're also part of a group we call SOTP, which is short for Sisterhood of the Traveling P****** ;p Guess what the last word is!

With one of us just married and another to get hitched in October, there are quite a few milestones in our lives this year. Our friendship remains constant and strong because and in spite of changes, and for this I am grateful.

Anyway, enough cheesiness and on to more trivial topics, like my outfit!

Expecting colder weather in Tagaytay, I had packed two jackets, one zip-up fleece and a military blazer, a beaded cardigan, and some thermal leggings to go with this tunic. That's a lot of coverage for an overnight trip, but I get so cold easily! Who knew it would be warm and even a little humid this time of the year? Thank goodness the tunic's long enough to wear as a dress... with boy-shorts underneath, of course ;)

I took this opportunity to use Hacienda Isabella's rustic backdrop for a change to my usual gray concrete slab.

It was cool enough in the morning to wear this jacket without breaking into a sweat, so I did it for the sake of vanity aesthetics. Just for the photo, you understand ;) I received this stylish yet functional jacket as wages for shopping for my cousin in Bershka. I had gladly styled her for free, but I couldn't say no to her dad's offer when I saw this jacket as we were already paying for her purchases. Yahoo!

I found this floral-and-black paneled piece in freezing Shanghai and thought it would be perfect for the beach and/or the tropical weather in the Philippines. I like the bottom panel as the gathered material falls softly into ruffles, a discreet yet flirty touch.

That morning, Kim gave us our late Christmas presents, which I wore right away. Oooooh, matching friendship bracelets (here with Esel's)! :) This reminds me of my younger days when I exchanged friendship bracelets with girl friends. Some things never change.

With the couple off to their honeymoon, I learned how to say my first goodbye to the blooming bride. I know I'll be saying a more difficult goodbye when she joins Gelo in the US come March or April, so I better get used to it! *sniff sniff*

I know, Gelo is watching my back! Hahaha. But for the next month, we'll still have time together. I can't wait for our next adventure :)

Tunic/dress from Uniqlo. Jacket from Bershka. Fabric slippers from H&M. Bazaar bracelet from Kim.
* Good grief, I sound as if I'm the one who's married!
** Friday night work dates, nail spa pampering, weekday work dates, room cleaning, Sunday work dates, swapping clothes and stories, project brainstorming, product photo shoots, you name it! Now that I think of it, there were a lot of work dates... I hope some of Esel's hardworking values has rubbed off on me!

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