Thursday, January 12, 2012

No Brainer

This whole week I've been scatterbrained and distracted with so many projects and deadlines, both personal and professional. I decided to take a leave from work in the afternoon just so I could give my brain a little rest as well as meet up with a viral marketer and pick up my gown for my best friend's wedding on Sunday. The bride and a couple of us bridesmaids are leaving town on Saturday so there's no time to waste!

I picked a casual dress that made moving around really easy, and topped it with a sheer shirtdress given by my cousin Erika. She has the same one and I had commented on how nice it was. She's so sweet for buying me one! I folded up the sleeves to adjust for the warmer weather today. I like how the subtle print-on-print detail here:

Just before my meeting in Makati, I decided to first drop by and get my bridesmaid's gown at the designer's. With three days before leaving for the wedding venue, there were still changes to be made on my gown. *sigh* You can tell I'm really not happy since this is the third fitting and the designer's atelier is at least 1 hr 30 mins away from home/work.

Since I lived so far away and there were a few precious days left to run errands (oh, and finish work! How could I forget?), I just requested one of the bridesmaids to pick up my gown along with hers as I really couldn't take more time away from work for another visit... after which there's still the risk that there'll still be adjustments to be made. I simply prayed that the outcome would be okay, and that I'd have the serenity to accept it, whatever it will be.

I'm smiling. Smiling. Still smiling...

Spotted dress, thrifted. Polo dress, gifted. Pump wedges from Nine West.

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