Sunday, January 8, 2012

Me & My Bodyguard

Meet the skinny bum and her buffed-up bodyguard, who's leaving in a few hours:

One of the highlights of the holiday season is that I get to see my baby brother for a few weeks.

Well, that was him twenty-plus years ago when he was just ADORABLE, like a fluffy marshmallow. Now, he's so hard and muscly that I can't even pinch him anymore :( Here he is flexing his hard-earned biceps.

If there's something I admire about my brother, it's his discipline in maintaining a fit and healthy body. Every Saturday, he goes rowing, has lunch, then follows it up with a swim. That's already enough exercise to last me a month! :p Aaaand he still goes to the gym at least three times a week! I know... sometimes I wonder if we're related too!

We enjoyed the last few minutes on Boracay island before we stepped onto a boat that brought us back to the concrete civilization. Huhu.

I miss the beach but I miss him more! (What kind of sister wouldn't?)

Blouse, Topshop, gifted from my cousin. Shorts, Forever 21. Cardigan, Dotti. Slippers, Havaianas.

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