Friday, January 27, 2012

Like a Lady / Here Comes Spring 2012!

So. Spring 2012 is just around the corner and apparently, the big trend is pastel colors. Fashion slaves, take note:

Jill Stuart*
I suddenly feel like a girly-girl! Muted colors, wispy fabrics, flowy shapes... Oooh! Let's twirl!**

Philip Lim*
And my absolute favorite... pastels mixed with neutrals such as chocolate brown and stone -- in layman's terms, gray ;)

Diane Von Furstenberg*

My own take on the pastel trend is actually an accident, as I had forgotten about this fashion forecast after reading about it a few weeks ago. It just so happened that I wanted to wear my light, loose gray shift dress and wondered which cover-up to go with it today. I like changing things up like when I did with the dress here, and when I settled on a lemon yellow cardigan, everything just clicked. Despite the difference in cut and tailoring, I consider myself blessed that I can use old items in my closet for a current trend :)

I haven't worn pastels in such a long time that I was tempted to get nauseous over the sweet colors... but thankfully, I think my dark nail polish kept me from going overboard.

This demure pose is also an accident; my photographer for the day was carrying a few accessories and I offered to hide them behind my back while she took my picture. We both didn't have pockets.

It's my first time to wear this beautiful shell necklace I purchased last December in Boracay. We were waiting for our shuttle to bring us back to the resort when I decided to look around for awhile; talk about being productive! ;)

Perfectly feminine, right? Stepford wives, here I come! Hahaha. I'm just missing a bouffant and an apron!

Suzuya dress, thrifted. Cardigan from Valleygirl. Necklace from Boracay. Pumps from Nine West.

* Photos taken from
** Something I tell my young niece who looooooves being in dresses. How she enjoys twirling like a princess! ;)

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