Thursday, January 5, 2012

Khaki is the color of charity

I played around with a color palette that's a little uncommon for me, as I hardly wear khakis. I've been meaning to find a pair that fits, and I'm so blessed that it found me! ;) My cousin Noreen, while cleaning out her closet, saw this pair and thought I'd make a good recipient. Of course, being the hoarder that I am was*, I happily accepted.

Now that I think about it, half of my outfit today is by the grace and generosity of others. Hihi. The other half, I purchased myself. Let me enumerate:
  Bag - from mom
  Cardigan - outgrown by mom
  Khakis - from cousin
  Shirt, belt, shoes - mine

I found these heels when I had something exchanged in SM last week and was not supposed to buy anything more. Oh but ahhhhhh!!! Every time I go there, I find some amazing treasures! The selection in the department store just keeps on getting better! I ended up buying these shoes because they are the COMFIEST SHOES EVER even though they're 3-inch heels. I dare say they're comfier than my Chucks. I'll do a separate post on them because I love them so much!

I topped my khakis with an embellished shirt -- see those sequins? -- and a woven cardigan. I like the subtle glints of gold throughout my tops and belt, echoed by the warm hues of my bag and shoes. A little matchy-matchy with the browns here!

Hope you're having a warm, sunshiney, feel-good week so far!

Shirt from J. Crew. Cardigan from Jeans West. Khakis, gifted. Parisian heels. Belt and bag from Hong Kong

* This year, I resolve to keep less and give more! I started by taking out ten pieces out of my clothes rack during New Year's Eve to give away. It's small, but it's a start! Now... must get them out of my sight before I change my mind! ;p

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