Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here Comes the Bride(smaid)zilla!

Our bride Esel was the most organized and calmest bride I've ever seen. And because she wasn't at all a Bride-zilla (you know, the bride-turned-monster due to the heavy pressure of planning a wedding), there was much teasing among the bridesmaids and the bride as to whether there were bridesmaid-zillas.

Everyone in the bride's entourage was so detail-oriented and hardworking, we couldn't decide! Personally speaking, I humbly concede to my RSVP partner, Chastine. I mean, she printed everything that needed to be printed, and she brought COLORED TABS to separate the pages, a highlighter, and a stapler, which was so handy for sewing! I think the clincher was the clipboard, which we both were a bit embarrassed to use because it'd make us look quite... professional. Hahaha! Seriously though, I enjoyed working with Chastine so much!

We first met at Esel's bridal shower/ birthday party last December, when we practically wore the same thing. Great minds think alike!

We even exchanged notes on our make-up and hair pegs beforehand. For my make-up peg, I had none other than the lovely, flawless, and glowing Anne Hathaway. She consistently goes for rosy, just-bitten lips and dark, shaded lids that make her already huge eyes pop out even more.

Then considering I'd be running around all day and my hair had to last wind, humidity, and motion, I opted for an updo to make sure my hair stays out of the way.

This is Chastine and I pre- and post-make-up and hair:

Now you've witnessed the wonders of airbrushing! Hmmm... do I even look close to Anne Hathaway? I think not, but there's a saying that if you reach for the moon and miss, you'll still land among the stars. I'd be happy with that ;p And yes, your eyesight's working; the above picture shows how Photoshop in real life works, ladies and gentlemen! :) Now, if only I can have this airbrush gadget at home and teach our househelp to apply it on me. Tsk tsk. Now, I'm being too vain!

Aside from our make-up, I loooove how my hair turned out too. Maid of honor Risa made all the hairpieces for the bride and entourage, and I'm excited to wear mine on "regular" working days. Who cares if people think I've gone loco? I'm sure this will perk up many a dreary or lazy dress-up day :)

One of the things I enjoyed the most this weekend was having the privilege of playing stylist to the bride for her special day. From pinning her wedding sash in place, checking her hair, helping her with costume changes, and yes, even hemming her dance gown, I loved every second of it and would be happy to do it again :)

Then there were some clothing mishaps with the matron of honor and most bridesmaids... Here with sexy Em, whose dress needed some serious adjustments. Thank goodness for safety pins!

The one gold nugget I took from this whole experience is that prayer works wonders. Okay, two gold nuggets; the second one being I can be calm (wow!), collected (really?), and commanding (yes, really) when everyone else is in a panic. Or maybe it's just when the hullaballoo revolves around clothing. Who knows where this may lead? The year's just begun and I'm already improving on my tendency to panic!

One wedding down, five six* more to go! Wow, 2012, I'm so not pressured at all to get married! Hahaha!

Photos from Nikki Alfonso, Em Somera, and Kim Tanedo.
* As of press time, a friend announced she's giving invites this week to her wedding.

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