Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gelo and Esel's Hacienda

While most of my posts talk about personal style in terms of clothing, I'd like to show how one's wedding reception can speak volumes about one's personal style and personality.

Hacienda Isabella is easily one of the loveliest wedding locations I now know of. We arrived in the afternoon before the wedding day, and anyone who knows the bride know this was a perfect choice. Esel, in her dad's words, is "weird and non-traditional" to have chosen an out-of-town venue that's the antithesis of a grand hotel ballroom. Owned and designed by singer Kuh Ledesma, the hacienda has a distressed, old-world feel with a new discovery waiting to surprise you in every corner.

The variety of flowers and plants lent a very calming aura to what would be a high-pressure weekend. I don't think the most grandiose chandelier can ever compare to God's handiwork :) That, and the couple is quite low-key as well.

The exteriors and interiors were consistent and well-thought of. I really liked all the white space as it provided a clean, relaxing backdrop to the main house's decorative details. Very un-cookie cutter, just like our bride Esel :)

The styling added to the rustic charm and reminded its visitors of hope, trust, faith, and love -- pretty apt values to celebrate that weekend!

A lot of painstaking, heartfelt work went into the planning and styling of the reception. Despite the drizzle the previous day, God gave us a gorgeously clear sky for the wedding day itself. I was really blown away when I saw the beautiful table settings laid out for us!

Here's the groom thanking all the couple's guests. This weekend was filled with so much love, and though I'm sure this could be recreated in a larger venue, it just wouldn't have been the same. Having the wedding reception in the hacienda made the celebration more intimate and meaningful, and I know the couple wouldn't have it any other way :)

It's been three days since the wedding and I'm still awash with so much love and giddiness! Hope you're having a good week!

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