Friday, January 6, 2012

Dressing for Stamina

I'm sorry for the lousy quality and location of this photo, but I wanted to take a quick snapshot, a memento for myself on how much FUN it can be when I decide, after hours of analysis and twenty thirty forty minutes of lying on my bed, tempted as I was to just stay there for the rest of the night, to finally get up, get dressed, and get out the door.

This is probably the strangest combination I've ever worn* -- black patterned tights under olive green culottes, topped by a sheer grandma tunic, and finished with black pumps and an orange bag. Hmmm! Not so bad for someone who got dressed in five minutes**! I'm liking the mix of different patterns and textures, reflective of my state of mind that night -- murky and confused.

I met up with my college friends, one of whom is in Manila for the holidays. And let me tell you, every time I feel sooooo strongly about not going out, and I finally do, I don't regret it. Rarely anyway :)

So here's one of my resolutions for 2012: be more outgoing. Be sociable. Exercise, so I'll have the happy hormones to make me want to do all the aforementioned. Woohoo!

Are you as excited as I am about going out??? :)

Blouse from Topshop. Culottes from Duet, gifted. Patterned tights, gifted. Bag from Hong Kong. Necklace from H&M.
* Since the inception of this blog, I mean. Who knows how many crazy pieces I've worn over the years. I remember a fluorescent orange 70s geometric blouse that I repeatedly wore through high school... no wonder I was unpopular. Haha!
** I had to get dressed quickly to avoid the temptation of snuggling to sleep. Yes, even without having dinner. I was that lethargic! ;p

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