Friday, January 20, 2012

Black and White

...with a pop of orange!

We're back to regular programming after a week of busy wedding preparations and celebration. I had lunch with my cousin in Eastwood the other day, and the wind started to pick up the very second I posed for this photo. We've been having weird weather the past month, but I'm not complaining! It's still a bit cool and I'm enjoying staying outdoors, even if it's just for a few minutes before I head back to the office.

I accessorized my mostly-black-and-white outfit with a studded belt and a funky bracelet made from mahjong blocks. My mom bought the latter some 7-8 years ago when Chinese beads were all the rage that season. The great thing about not throwing stuff away is that once in awhile, I get to wear something that's not in season, and therefore unique from the sea of cutesie accessories that are now so popular.

I do realize there's a downside to this habit though... my room can be quite a mess! This here is just my desk -- can you find the bracelet now? :p

I do have containers to organize my things, but I'm still in the process of developing a system of putting away stuff that's easy for me to maintain everyday. It's one thing to have lots of storage, and another to prioritize accessibility to certain items, like my jewelry here.

I commit to organizing my clutter at least two days a week until I have a daily habit of putting things away in the right place. To those of you who know me, whadd'ya think? Shall I be successful? :)

Tank top from Australia. Cardigan from Bershka. Studded belt from Maple. Jeans from Uniqlo. Bracelet from Greenhills Tiangge. Sandals from VNC.

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