Monday, January 23, 2012

Belting It

For the past three months, it hasn't been uncommon for me to hear this whenever I meet up with friends: "You've gotten even skinnier!" Now, I nor my friends can believe it's possible for me to lose more weight, but it's a sad fact of my life. The more I try to gain weight, the more I lose. I even went on a special metabolic program last year in an attempt to fatten up. Alas, I lost my remaining fats (yes, I had some in a secret place! Haha!) After that episode, I've finally decided to just stress less about being thin as a stick and embrace my shape. Is a line a shape? Yes, says me :)

I last wore this top here, without the sash. This time, I used the sash to hold up my slacks, which are way too loose here. I realized my mistake the minute I left the door. A sash can work only as a decorative belt, especially one that's as flimsy as this one. A proper, functional belt would be sturdy, maybe a little wider, to hide the waistband that's begun to bunch up on the sides.

So did I spend the rest of the day in analysis paralysis? Nope, I just threw my cares into the wind!

This is actually my mom's blouse I borrowed once, and then again. Now our helper just returns it to my closet after every wash. Teehee. I glammed things up with a gray ribbon-wrapped bangle I got from J. Crew two years ago. I loooove their accessories but find them a bit pricey, so I just chose this one.

Hope everyone's having a stress-free, worry-free weekend!

Blouse from Hong Kong, mom's. Uniqlo slacks. Pumps from Hong Kong. Bangle from J. Crew.

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