Monday, January 16, 2012

Before the BIG Day

Whew. We just got back from Tagaytay where we spent an awesome wedding weekend!

We've all heard of brides gone crazy and wild with rage and frustration under the sheer pressure of planning a wedding. We-eeeell, in this case, the bride was quite relaxed and chill. Esel is one of the most organized and hardworking people I know, so I shouldn't be surprised that everything was under control for her wedding.

On Saturday, the day before her Big Day, Esel and a couple of her friends trooped to the Nail Spa, which lent us a zen-like state in the midst of the madness. I really thank God we had this 3-hour escape to just REST and zone out and listen to Kim's dating stories. Hahaha! She kept us entertained and was so exhausted -- I think more from her dating decisions than the actual storytelling -- that she fell asleep :) That's Kim in the corner of the photo and bride-to-be Esel up front, answering her fiance's questions on the wedding preps.

We all went for shades of pink. A wedding is not the time to go punk with electric blue or sparkling purple nails (though I was quite tempted!)

I did opt for a dark burgundy almost-black nail polish on my toes though. Here with the rest of the gang. L-R: Chastine, Nikki, Cris, Jacqui, me, Kim, and bride-to-be Esel.

Next, we headed to Landmark for lunch and a last-minute search for tights, as Esel wanted something special to spruce up the dress she'll be wearing for the reception dance. She ended up buying a new dress instead:

Can you believe it was only P5,000?! The amount of detail that went into it, I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me it came from a designer's atelier for P15,000. Ahhhhhh, the joys of department store shopping!

The dress was at least six inches too long for dancing -- we wouldn't want the bride to trip in front of 200 of her and the groom's loved ones! -- and it was such a shame to snip the top tulle layer short* that I spent the evening hemming it instead.

I was barely halfway through the lining until I realized how long it would take me to hem all three layers -- the electric pleated tulle, lining, and the base layer. And although I enjoyed the therapy hand sewing provided, I quickly finished basting the lining and started on a hem stitch for the tulle.

Here comes the part I'm most proud of, the layer that's closest to the skin (if you know what this layer is called, please let this amateur seamstress know)... I used staples! Yep, provided by my partner bridesmaid, super-girlscout Chastine. Hihihi.

Alas, I forgot to take a photo of the finished product but the bride was soooo happy with it and so was I! I'm so glad I had a really awesome partner in Chastine as she reminded me to bring a sewing kit, just in case.

There's always plenty to wear with some needle and thread, and of course... nothing more handy than a stapler ;)

* We wanted the dress shortened up to the ankle which, if snipped, wouldn't allow the dress to be used for other occasions. You know, like if I wanted to dress up while lounging in the garden or something. Haha.

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