Saturday, January 21, 2012

East Meets West

Remnants of last weekend’s garden wedding lingered in my head as I subconsciously donned this wispy silk and satin dress. Despite the scary swarm of mosquitoes that has descended on our company parking lot, I still bravely (and foolishly) expose my legs. Contrary to the feminist movement and strong, androgynous power-females out there, I actually feel most free in a skirt. I can move around, stretch, and run in a dress, and feel somewhat restricted in slacks or skinny jeans. Am I weird for thinking this way?

Anyway, despite my good intentions to get up early today by setting my alarm 20 minutes earlier, I pressed snooze a couple of times and got out of bed later than usual.

I made a mad dash for the door and grabbed my cheongsam blouse on the way out. Almost late, but I’m satisfied. Tomorrow, I shall be at the office earlier and promise to be earlier each day thereafter. Let’s see my success rate next week!

Really love the way the skirt feels against my legs. Can't help but see wilted tulips and roses too. Ahhhh, romance... which reminds me, Valentine's day is coming up in a few weeks! I'm pretty sure I'll celebrate it the way I've done every year for the past 27 years -- with my parents :) Nothing like their unconditional love!

Dress, thrifted. Blouse, thrifted. Heels from Nine West. Earrings, gifted by my boss.

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